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Great Presentation by Mish Shedlock

July 2, 2014

Very often it pays to listen rather than speak. The presentation below is one where I would urge anyone with an interest in the financial markets and economics to spend some time soaking in the best analysis I have seen so far this year.





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  1. tim permalink

    Hi Rich

    Another absolutely wunderschoen piece, this. Thank you. I have never heard of this fellow, but what a delightfully educational presentation. If I were 1/10th as smart as him, I might feel just a tad better about surviving the daunting problems facing us. I just want to let you know you have at least one reader that very much looks forward to your posts. Hope all is well with the new gig.

    Alles gute, Tim

    • Thank you, Tim. Fortunately, I have received several nice comments, many of which I choose to not publish on the website. I will continue to share the world view that evolves in my mind and welcome you to come along. And yes, the new “gig” is demanding but highly rewarding as it connects me with brilliant minds and successful People from all walks of life.

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