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Thank You

February 22, 2014


In the absence of significant financial news this week I would like to use today’s post to simply say “thanks” to all the readers that have followed my musings for the past 15 months. Seeing that “Market Owl” has reached people in 120 countries encourages me to continue with this site even when other (weekend) activities might appear to be more alluring.


World Map of readers by country.


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  1. Chris Ognek permalink

    Keep it up, you’re doing a great job! Its particularly important to me to have your European experience contribute to your analysis of financial matters in the US and the world. I give your opinions much more weight than someone who was born, raised, and always lived in the States and can only interpret news and events through one language and cultural perspective.

  2. Thank you, Chris. You point out something very important here. As we are human beings we tend to over estimate the relative importance of our personal environment on the global level which leads us to skewed/incorrect conclusions. The more I learn the more I find that there is really only one language that is universal and unbiased: math. As a result, computers rule the world of finance in 2014. Understanding the emotional shortcomings of human emotions yet combining human intelligence with machine efficiency is the key to success in finance today as one cannot function effectively without the other.

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