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Jim Rogers’ take

August 28, 2013

Jim Rogers

Once again, one of the authorities on the global economy, Jim Rogers, speaks frankly of what he sees in the near future for global markets. Miss these three minutes at your own risk.

Jim Rogers on the markets


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  1. Tim permalink

    Hi Rich,

    Always a pleasure reading your articles or other media nuggets you’ve ferreted out.

    By the way, I read Currency Wars. For me the book really came alive in the third section. What I like about the book is how it got me thinking about how nation-state actors can affect economies and currencies. Great food for thought. Thanks

    Speaking of books, it so happens I just came across Seth Klarman’s classic “Margin of Safety.” I’m sure you’ve read it, but thought maybe some other readers might appreciate it.



    • Tim,
      Thank you for sharing Klarman’s book which I haven’t actually read. I will do so thanks to you. FWIW, Klarman currently has similar views on the global markets as Rogers does although from a different angle.

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